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What is RTI?

RTI (Response to Intervention) is a way of collecting data about the effectiveness of a research-based intervention used to support a student

Click Here for a 5 minute TEACHER video about "How to RTI" 

 Click Here for a 2 minute PARENT video from Bill Sky about RTI 

 In short: RTI is data collection to see if an intervention is working

RTI Recipe


1 Defined problem 



(why is the kid struggling)?

ex: poor reading comprehension

1 Research Based Intervention



(a program /exercise that has been proven and published)

ex: Orton-Gillingham or Wilson Reading

See Tier II Academic Interventions


1 Progress Monitor =


(how to measure the success of the intervention)

 ex: Dibels

 See below progress monitoring tools

Did the intervention work?


If success increased by 15 points or more = yes



Ok, so now get started.  All you need for RTI is in the document below: